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Ruian Tongzhuo machinery Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise, specializing in paper container forming series of machinery and equipment manufacturing, trade and research and development.

We are specialized in the production of paper box machine, paper plate machine, paper plate machine, paper lunch box machine, paper cup machine, paper bowl machine and other equipment, we have a special development team, all kinds of paper container equipment in the domestic sales for more than 20 years.

Since its establishment, in the face of fierce market competition, adhere to the "quality first, integrity-based" business philosophy, the implementation of enterprise internal management, pay attention to technology, information construction, with "Tongzhuo" brand machine to win the market. Our products sell well in more than 20 provinces and regions and export to many countries. Reliable products with first-class quality and perfect after-sales service at home and abroad to win a wide range of recognition.

Looking forward to the future, tongzhuo people in continuous efforts to forge ahead at the same time, internal improve product quality, external to create a good image.

We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create brilliant.


Service commitment of free warranty period:

Electric device: 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintenance.

On and off: 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Machine entity: free warranty for 1 year, lifelong maintenance.

When signing the contract, there will be detailed warranty period agreed in the contract according to different products, which shall prevail

All our inspiration comes from the user, we in the field of machinery and equipment manufacturing sales every innovation cannot leave the user valuable Suggestions and comments, the user is we design, manufacture of AIDS to navigation, is the power of our innovation, the user is our best teacher, respect and care for our customers is our duty, We will hundredfold efforts for the user service!

Zhejiang • Ruian Tongzhuo Machinery Co., LTD After-sales service purpose - user oriented, our after-sales service work throughout the design, manufacturing, delivery, acceptance, installation, commissioning, use, warranty period after the maintenance of the whole process!

Ruian Tongzhuo machinery Co., Ltd...
One Machine manufacturing service commitment

After signing the contract, according to the finished products provided by the customer and the machine configuration parameters provided by the factory for the manufacturer's standard acceptance.

1. If the customer selected (mechanical equipment) we will directly arrange production, regularly inform the customer of the production progress.

2. If the product parameters selected by the customer are non-standard products, we will re-design, manufacture and test the products according to the customer's parameters until completion. In the whole manufacturing process, the customer can send technicians to our manufacturing plant to supervise, inspect and inspect the whole process of contract product manufacturing to ensure the delivery time and product quality.

3. In the production process, if the customer proposes to change or add accessories on the mechanical equipment, we promise to actively cooperate with the customer.

Two Delivery and acceptance service commitment

1. Inform the customer 2 days before delivery, suggest the customer to arrange goods acceptance personnel, lifting equipment, if conditions are best to determine a warehouse.

2. When the goods arrive at the site, we will send professionals to contact you with the required products.

3. Choose the stacking site when unloading the products. If the products are stacked in the open air, take measures against rain, moisture, and theft.

4. During the acceptance inspection, please count the quantity of the goods carefully and ensure that the product model and quantity are consistent with the product model and quantity signed in the contract. If there is any omission, take remedial measures in time. The customer acceptance personnel shall confirm the completeness of the packing list and visual inspection of the product appearance quality.