Ruian Tongzhuo machinery Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise, specializing in paper container forming series of machinery and equipment manufacturing, trade and research and development.

We are specialized in the production of paper box machine, paper plate machine, paper plate machine, paper lunch box machine, paper cup machine, paper bowl machine and other equipment, we have a special development team, all kinds of paper container equipment in the domestic sales for more than 20 years.


[2021 Food Paper Container Processing] Paper.....

Two years ago, no one could have imagined that convenience foods would see such explosive growth in 2020. Convenience foods, or prepared foods, are no longer dominated by frozen foods, instant rice and noodles. With the change of market environment and consumption habits, more and more catering enterprises have formulated relevant development strategies and entered the circuit one after another. Self-heated hot pot, instant pasta and other new categories of the emergence of this traditional industry into a steady stream of fresh vitality.

What machine does China use to produce environmentally friendly paper covers?
We are a professional manufacturer of paper lid machine and paper cup machine, and the products produced by the machine are environmentally friendly.  
Paper cup, paper bowl, paper lunch box production prospect analysis
Paper cup, paper bowl and paper lunch box are the most vital green tableware in the 21st century. Since its inception, paper tableware has been widely promoted and used in Europe, America, Japan...