Questions related to investment operations

For customers who come into contact with this industry for the first time, they need to know and pay attention to:

Pre-investment investigation: first understand the local market situation, sales situation, demand, local relevant manufacturers. In order to better grasp the investment scale.

Investment equipment problem: according to the telephone inquiries of customers, they do not know which equipment to invest in. In fact, for the initial investment of manufacturers, as long as the purchase of paper cup forming machine, paper bowl forming machine, paper bowl coat machine and other related forming machinery can be.

Everyone in the process Learn inside paper cup, paper bowl production involves laminating machine | printing machinery | | cutting machine pressure indentation tangent machine and related equipment. The actual investment does not need the above machinery, we write in the process flow, is to let customers understand the paper cup, paper bowl, paper lunch box production process, rather than to invest in those machinery. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Film drenching machine, the price of 300,000 — 600,000; Cutting machine, the price of more than 100,000 yuan; Printing machinery, offset printing press, concave plate printing press, offset printing press price at least 150,000, gravure printing press price is more expensive. Flat indentation cutting machine is relatively cheap.

2. Drenching machine and cutting machine: paper manufacturers essential machinery. If you don’t need to set up a paper factory, you don’t need to buy a drenching machine and a slitting machine.

3. Printing machine and press indentation cutting machine: printing manufacturers necessary machinery. So it’s almost out of the question.

4. For raw paper, many paper manufacturers provide printing and die-cutting services, so at the beginning of the investment in the establishment of paper cups, paper bowl manufacturers, directly buy good printing die-cutting paper cup pieces. Because the cost of printing and die-cutting in the production of paper cups, paper bowls accounted for a small proportion of the cost, the cost is mainly determined by the size of paper cups, paper weight.

Source of sales: For paper cups, you can consider market paper cups, advertising paper cups, high-grade paper cups. Generally speaking, the demand for market paper cup is the largest, so many manufacturers choose market paper cup as the main product. There is advertising paper cup, contact some government departments, large companies for them to do advertising paper cup, small demand, but relatively speaking, the price of advertising paper cup is higher than the market paper cup, the profit is higher than the market paper cup.

Post time: Jun-11-2022