[2021 Food Paper Container Processing] Paper cup/bowl, cover, straw forming equipment series exhibitors make concerted efforts to create “convenient food, catering, takeout packaging supply Chain Zone”

Two years ago, no one could have imagined that convenience foods would see such explosive growth in 2020.

Convenience foods, or prepared foods, are no longer dominated by frozen foods, instant rice and noodles. With the change of market environment and consumption habits, more and more catering enterprises have formulated relevant development strategies and entered the circuit one after another. Self-heated hot pot, instant pasta and other new categories of the emergence of this traditional industry into a steady stream of fresh vitality.

Leading into the bureau, the catering industry ushered in the “second spring”

In October, KFC announced on its official Weibo account that it would launch a new series of “KAIFENGCAI” quick-cooked pre-packaged food products to cater to the demands of Chinese young people. The new products for the first season will include chicken snail noodle, chicken breast and chicken soup, which have aroused heated discussion.

As a representative brand of China’s local fast food chain, Decos also recently launched two new self-heated rice products, coconut curry chicken and chicken with black pepper fresh mushrooms, to seize the new retail of catering and convenient food market.

When it comes to self-heating rice, guangzhou Restaurant, a traditional brand, has launched a new batch of self-heating rice on its JD.com flagship store, featuring the concept of “eat a good meal anytime, anywhere” to meet consumers’ demands for high-quality meals under different scenarios.

Coincidentally, “cantonese cuisine leader” Xinya Cantonese restaurant also reached cooperation with Rosen some time ago, launched new bento, in the form of joint name, into the field of convenience food.

The traditional food enterprises represented by Zhengda Food are also seeking breakthroughs in the direction of convenient food. The dongyin Gong self-heating small hot pot, which was launched not long ago, uses vegetable pulp fiber bowl as the container, which not only prevents leakage and spills, but also meets the requirements of high appearance level and environmental protection, which is a breakthrough in the convenient food catering industry.

Behind the layout: the huge potential of the new catering market

Why the traditional restaurant industry giants have chosen to accelerate the layout of convenience food this year?

This year, the impact of the epidemic on offline catering business is obvious to all, and the industry is in urgent need of transformation. Consumers have unprecedented demands for food safety, hygiene and convenience. These trigger the trend of food prefabrication, upstream integration and food enterprise food. The catering industry will expand its layout from the “traditional service industry” of 5 trillion yuan to the comprehensive industry of “catering + food + ingredients + packaging + supply chain” of 15 trillion yuan.

And, on the other hand, as the plastic forbidden gradually spread, represented by paper, plant fiber, biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging is replacing the traditional plastic products, has become the mainstream market, paper cups, paper cups lid, paper straw and blowout sustainable food take-away, convenience food packaging requirements – cake bigger and bigger, in the face of industry status quo of the good and bad are intermingled, How to select reliable packaging products and equipment?

Seize the opportunity of new catering retail reform, 2021 China Packaging Container Exhibition will gather high-quality catering industry packaging upstream material, equipment suppliers, finished product manufacturers, series the upstream and downstream industry chain, To jointly build a one-stop shopping and solution business platform for the food and beverage industry — Convenient food and Catering takeout Packaging Supply Chain Zone (July 14-16, 2021, Shanghai New International Expo Center W2 Hall).

Paper cup, bowl, cover forming equipment series of exhibitors gathered in the grand event

PACKCON convenience food catering takeout packaging supply chain area gathers complete category, multi-form takeout packaging, supplies, packaging materials, machinery and equipment and other complete category packaging container products and equipment required by the catering takeout industry to meet the needs of the whole industry chain from top to bottom, attracting more than 15000 high-quality purchasing decision makers to visit and purchase. Packaging enterprises can not miss the enterprise chain cooperation quality trade platform. This issue starts with the most common packaging form of convenience food and catering takeout: paper cup-paper cup-lid paper straw automation equipment! Let’s see what excellent exhibitors will welcome visitors in the special area.

Post time: Jun-11-2022